Family Health: Practices for Wellbeing During the Pandemic

Virtual Format (Online)
Thursdays, March 4 – April 8, 2021
6:00 - 7:30 pm (PT)

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David Becker, MD

Course Description

Resilience and coping have been hot topics in the recent era of multiple societal and environmental stressors. Teenagers and their families have had to learn to adapt to challenges they’ve never imagined. UCSF has been involved in clinical care, education, and research in these fields since well before recent events and have been actively engaged in elevating supports during challenging times. In this course, we will hear from researchers, educators, and clinicians as they investigate, develop, and deliver the knowledge base and tools to help our local and extended community build the resources to help our children and teenagers not only cope in challenging times, but thrive.

Lecture Schedule

Date Lecture Title Name and degree Presentations Session Replays
3/4/21 Enhancing Neurodevelopmental  Resilience from Conception to Adulthood Robert L Hendren, DO Download Slides UCTV
3/11/21 Scientifically Proven Strategies of CBT: Empowering Parents with Knowledge and Tools to Effectively Manage Anxiety in the Family Bridget Walker, PhD Download Slides  
3/18/21 Bringing Willingness and Values to Challenging Times Walter E.B. Sipe, MD Download Slides  
3/18/21 State of the Pandemic: Risk, Prevention, and Treatment for Children and Families Prachi Singh, DO    
3/25/21 Pandemic Q&A: Integrative Therapy to Manage Anxiety and Reduce Stress Dave Berger, MFT, PT, LCMHC, SEP    
4/1/21 Cultivating Emotion Awareness and Fierce Compassion  Eve Ekman, PhD, MSW    
4/8/21 Developmental Impact of COVID-19: Addressing Parental and Student Stress Petra Steinbuchel, MD