Understanding Organ Transplantation and How to Keep Up With The Organ Shortage

Virtual Format (Online)
Thursday evenings, October 27 – December 8 (no class November 24)
7:00 – 8:30 pm PT

Each session will have an unique zoom link that will be sent in the reminder message upon registration and the day of the session.

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Shareef M. Syed, MD, MRCS
Assistant Professor Program Director Abdominal Transplant Fellowship Associate Director Surgical Skills Lab Department of Surgery, Division of Transplantation

Course Description

Hundreds of thousands of people in the U.S. are receiving treatment for failing kidneys, livers, hearts, and other organs. Learn about the current strategies and new advances to support, provide organs and solutions to those in need. Taught by a team of leading experts from UCSF, this course will provide an understanding of why organs fail, how they are replaced, solutions to the organ shortage and some personal reflections
of organ donors.

Lecture Schedule

MLL23003A -  Personal Insights of a Transplant Surgeon and Organ Donor
Nancy L. Ascher, MD, PhD Download Slides
MLL23003B - Can I “Borrow” your Kidney? National Kidney Exchange, Altruistic Donors and Voucher Systems
Sindhu Chandran, MD Download Slides
MLL23003C - Kidney - Liver Overlap: Recognition of Kidney Disease, Impact on Symptoms and who Needs both Organs
Giuseppe Cullaro, MD Download Slides
MLL23003D - Expanding Access to Heart Transplant: Improving Donor Organ Utilization
Jason W. Smith, MD, FACS
MLL23003E -  Expanding the Number of Organs for Transplant- Kidney: Into the Future, Organs from Animals and the Artificial Kidney
Jun Shoji, MD
MLL23003F -  Expanding the Number of Organs for Transplant- Liver: Local and Global Experience of Nomothermic and Hypothermic Liver Preservation
Garrett R. Roll, MD, FACS Access Video on UCTV