Wilderness Medicine: Avoiding and Managing Outdoor Medical Emergencies

Wednesdays, April 26 – May 31, 2017
6:00pm – 8:00pm
UCSF’s Parnassus Campus
Health Sciences West, Room 300
513 Parnassus Avenue
Course# MLL17022

Course Chair

Judy Klein, MD
Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine, UCSF

Course Description

Medical emergency care delivered in remote settings has gained importance as increasing numbers of people visit the wilderness for outdoor adventure. Whether travelling to the highest peak in the Himalayas, the remotest stretch of ocean, the Mojave desert, or simply a day hike in Sutro woods, travelers are going where they have never gone before. For both the weekend hiker and the extreme mountaineer, familiarity with the potential hazards of the wilderness and the approach to evaluation, stabilization, evacuation, and initial treatment of acute injuries and illness can be life-saving. Delivered by experts from UCSF, this series will teach traditional wilderness emergency management techniques as well as cutting edge research developments and novel innovations.

Course Topics

Lecture Schedule

Download Program at a Glance (.pdf)

April 26, 2017 | Download Notes
6-7PM: High Altitude Medicine | Download Slides
Chris Colwell, MD

7-8PM: Hypothermia and Frostbite​ | Download Slides
Chris Colwell, MD

May 3rd, 2017
6-7:30 or 8P: Remote Area and Tropical Medicine | Download Slides
Andi Tenner, MD

May 10, 2017
6-7PM: Dive Medicine | Download Slides
Steve Hoffman, MD

7-8PM: Marine Envenomations | Download Slides
Dan Repplinger, MD

May 17, 2017
6-8PM: Backcountry trauma and Improvisation | Download Slides
Judy Klein, MD

May 24, 2017
6-7:15PM: Snake/Insect/Arthropod envenomation | Download Slides
Susanne Spano, MD

7:15-8PM: Lightning injuries and Hyperthermia | Download Slides
Preston Maxim, MD

May 31, 2017
6-8PM: Splinting and Litters workshop | Download Slides
Louis Yu, MD (leader) with EM residents from Highland and Stanford

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General Public:
1 Course: $75
** 2 Courses: $130
** 3 Courses: $185
** Single Session: $15

** UCSF Faculty and Staff:
1 Course: $60
2 Courses: $100
3 Courses: $140
Single Session: $10

$30 per series (with valid student ID at check-in)
** Single Session: $5


** To register, call (415) 476-5808